It’s been made pretty clear in the first two episodes of Supernatural Season 11 that The Darkness truly is unlike anything Sam and Dean have faced before, and in order to defeat it, they’re going to need to devise some type of plan. And that’s exactly what the Winchesters, along with Castiel, attempt to do in this clip from tomorrow night’s all-new episode, “The Bad Seed,” which was directed by Jensen Ackles.

In the video below, Sam, Dean, and Cas try to gather all the knowledge they have about The Darkness, but they quickly realize that it’s not much at all. Their only hope at the moment is that someone or something will help them find The Darkness’ weakness. Sam even mentions God possibly returning to stop it, before suggesting another person that could be of some assistance, both ideas the Dean quickly shoots down.

And even before they’re ready to take on The Darkness, Sam and Dean must a find a way to track down Rowena and free Cas from her curse. Despite his typical behavior throughout most of the scene, by the end of it, it’s still clear just how much her magic is hurting him. Here’s hoping that the Winchesters are able to win that battle at least before heading off to war against The Darkness.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW. Check out the clip from “The Bad Seed” and The CW’s full description for the episode below:
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